5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

photo editing tips

So you’ve been practicing and practicing. Your images are properly exposed. You’ve followed all the “rules”. Now why don’t they look as good as the pros?

5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and TricksAn important thing to know is that all digital images are meant to be post-processed (basically, edited on the computer). Point-and-shoot cameras do some processing in-camera for you automatically. If you’ve sprung for the nice camera, you’ve got to be ready to spring for editing software too (although you can set up your SLR to do some in-camera processing – check your user’s guide).

My photo-editing program of choice is Adobe Photoshop. If you use a different program, hopefully you can figure out what in your program achieves these same things.

These 5 tips are specific to Adobe Photoshop CS4: Continue reading “5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and Tricks”