How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips

Night Photography

Just activate your pop up flash? Only if you want to have a subpar image that looks like you have no clue what you’re doing.

What you really need is a slow shutter speed or high ISO, a fast lens wide open, and a tripod.

Here are a few night photo situations. The night photography tips shared here can be applied to other dark times too…

Night Photo Situation #1: Outdoor Nighttime Event

This type of event would be a wedding reception, party, family event, class reunion, or whatever else you do outside at night. Continue reading “How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips”

ISO: Collecting Light

ISO Collecting Light
To put it simply, the ISO you set on your camera affects the sensor’s sensitivity to light. ISO really relates to film, and on our digital cameras we technically have ISO equivalents. If you want all the big words and math related to it, read about film speed on Wikipedia.

ISO is an often ignored factor in achieving proper exposure. I find the following analogy helpful in understanding ISO: Continue reading “ISO: Collecting Light”