10 Landscape Digital Photography Tips

You’re driving down the road when suddenly a breathtaking scene is upon you. You hurriedly pull over feeling it’s your lucky day since your camera happens to be in the back seat. You excitedly photograph the scene thinking how great it will be to capture this beauty to share with others. Then you push play to look at your image. You feel let down. Why doesn’t the image on your screen compare to real life?

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Not-so-Extreme Weather Photography

Weather Photography Techniques

Overcome Weather and Time-of-Day Obstacles

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night…”

Weather Photography TechniquesThe quote is in reference to postal carriers. But what about photographers?

Do you let the weather stop you? Okay, admittedly, I do. But sometimes there’s no option. In fact, often I’ve gotten my best shots during unfavorable weather conditions. The following are tips for great shots in different weather or time-of-day situations. Continue reading “Not-so-Extreme Weather Photography”