She danced; now her camera captures the magic

Photo: Ben Kerns
Photo: Ben Kerns

It’s amazing what work can await you when you choose a specialty — and one that you are passionate about. Who knew that a booming business could be found in Dance Photography?

Angela Sterling was a dancer but when she ruptured two discs in 1996, it caused her to re-examine her future.

She thought, “What else can I do?’ I went through my (publicity) photographs and only three were reasonable. I told the marketing director of the company, ‘There has to be someone who can do it better.’ ”

She decided to be that someone.

She thought, “I am a dancer and I know what looks good. No more pictures of dancers in terrible positions.

Angela is an amazing photographer with a wonderful career.

She’s published a Nutcracker coffee table book, done work for dancewear retailers, like Vala Dancewear and Class Act Tutu, and ballet companies, like the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and travels the world.

Enjoy some of her work below.

Read more about her inspiring story.

Building Your Portfolio – Hire a Model

geishaThe ugly truth is that pretty people sell. And, hiring a model is cheaper than you’d think.

How do you think other photographers build their portfolio? More often than not, the portfolio work on their website is not client work, it’s work that they purposefully shot for their portfolio.

When someone hires you and is paying you to take photos of their family, their wedding, their event, you are for the most part, following their instructions and their wishes.

When you shoot for yourself and your portfolio, you are more freely able to express your own creative style.

If you had hired someone and bought the right clothes like in this photo to the left, people will think you flew to Japan and back. If she’s your friend, she may just do this for fun in return for some really fine art prints of herself. Continue reading “Building Your Portfolio – Hire a Model”