8 Adorable Newborn Picture Ideas


From their sweet smelling heads to their ten tiny toes, nothing brings a family closer together than the birth of a new baby.  From the moment they’re born, we’re mesmerized by their ever wiggle, giggle and sigh. We know that babyhood passes all too quickly, so we do everything we can to capture each moment as it comes.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a burgeoning photographer, don’t panic. You can shoot extraordinary newborn portraits worthy of Anne Geddes herself. All you need is a spark of ingenuity and a charming little subject…

Here are 8 adorable newborn picture ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Newborn Picture Idea #1

Baby’s First Close-Up – Getting directly in your newborn’s face with the camera may prove to be an exercise in fear (theirs) and frustration (yours). Instead, use your zoom to take baby’s first close-up. This will help you do away with unnecessary distractions and focus directly on those big beautiful eyes.

Flickr: edgarbarany


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Children’s Portrait Photography: 10 Tried ‘n True Ideas

Looking to expand your artistic portfolio? Consider these tried ‘n true techniques for creating one-of-a-kind children’s portraits. Just remember – photographing children can be tricky and requires flexibility, a splash of silliness and a pound of patience! If one technique isn’t working for either you or the child, bag it and try another.

Children’s Portrait Photography Idea #1:

Use Their “Natural” Habitat – Photographing  children while they’re happily engaged in their favorite activity – whether that be reading, drawing, building a Lego tower or cooking with every pot in the kitchen – allows the child’s personality to shine forth in all its glory.  For more prop ideas, check out these children’s photography prop ideas.

Flickr: trazomfreak

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10 Children’s Photography Props

Photographing your child is one of parenthood’s most treasured “perks”, and finding just the right children’s photography prop to showcase your son’s or daughter’s unique brand of cuteness will greatly enhance these moments. Here is a list of fun and slightly whimsical children’s photography props to help get your creative juices flowing…

Children’s Photography Prop #1:

Bubbles – The “blow-your-own” and plastic unpoppable varieties provide a stamp of playfulness to any photo session. For a bath time portrait, consider adding a rubber ducky or a hooded towel to complete the scrub-a-dub-dub look.  For tweens, consider using a bubble machine to create a funky atmosphere.

flickr: cali2okie

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9 Photography Prop Ideas to Create Unique Portraits

Whether your photographing children, your pet or your best friend’s engagement, the creative use of props can take your photos from “nice” to “incredible” in a matter of minutes. Just remember – the idea behind using photography props is to enhance your photos, not detract or overpower them.  Many household items, as well as those already cherished by your subject can be used in a variety of ways.

Here is a list of photography prop ideas to consider using during your next portrait session…

Photography Prop Idea #1

A Bench – A bench can be dressed up or down to fit a variety of portrait themes. Look for one with a bit of character as it will help spark more artistic possibilities. Experiment with your subject’s placement too – whether sitting on, standing behind or lying underneath the bench itself.

flickr: seanmolin

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12 Creative Portrait Ideas

Chances are when someone hears the word “portrait” they think of something like this: “Plain, monochromatic background. Focus on the face. Everyone look at the camera now and say, “Cheese!””. (Very yearbook-ish, right?)

While a quality portrait should definitely highlight the subject, it should also capture the essence of the subject’s personality and best features.  Here are 12 creative portrait ideas that will take your headshots from “simple” to “extraordinary”…

Creative Portrait Idea #1:

Square Between the Eyes – By cropping in tight against the face, the subject’s eyes become the focal point and seem to fill the entire frame. A square shape provides a fresh twist on the standard rectangular photo.

Flickr: s-t-r-a-n-g-e

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7 Random (Yet Helpful) Tips Even for Pro Photographers

No matter how experienced a photographer you are, you probably still have “aha!” or “now why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Here are some tips that gave me those types of moments.

Tip #1: Take a Photo

You’ve got your camera bag all packed up ready to leave for a shoot. Stop. Take out your camera and take a picture. Now you’ll know whether you’re missing a memory card or forgot to take the battery off the charger. Come on, say I’m not the only one who has ever arrived somewhere without a memory card? Battery? (I sure hope I’m not the only one losing my brain!)

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6 Random (Yet Helpful) Beginning Photography Tips

There are some things that just don’t fit neatly inside a box. (You may even be one of theses things).

Well, there are some tips that just don’t fit neatly inside a post topic, so I created a post topic just for them. I know, special.

Tip #1: Use a Fast Shutter Speed When You Zoom

Example of Focus Point on Side (Tip #3)

This should be easy to remember since “zoom” and “fast” go so well together.

When you zoom in, any little movement on your part will affect the picture more. Think of how stable image is when you just use your eyes compared to when you look through high-powered binoculars. This is the same concept.

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