8 Adorable Newborn Picture Ideas

From their sweet smelling heads to their ten tiny toes, nothing brings a family closer together than the birth of a new baby.  From the moment they’re born, we’re mesmerized by their ever wiggle, giggle and sigh. We know that babyhood passes all too quickly, so we do everything we can to capture each moment as it comes.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a burgeoning photographer, don’t panic. You can shoot extraordinary newborn portraits worthy of Anne Geddes herself. All you need is a spark of ingenuity and a charming little subject…

Here are 8 adorable newborn picture ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Newborn Picture Idea #1

Baby’s First Close-Up – Getting directly in your newborn’s face with the camera may prove to be an exercise in fear (theirs) and frustration (yours). Instead, use your zoom to take baby’s first close-up. This will help you do away with unnecessary distractions and focus directly on those big beautiful eyes.

Flickr: edgarbarany


Newborn Picture Idea #2

Love Me Tender – A parent or grandparent gently cupping the newborn’s head reveals a beautifully tender moment that will be cherished for a lifetime. Experiment with sepia and black & white to create a softer look.

Flickr: pocait

Newborn Picture Idea #3


My World in My Hands – Cradling your newborn on one arm is great way to showcase the relationship between parental strength and childlike trust. Using this technique with both Mommy and Daddy ensures a breathtaking portrait experience.

Flickr: hedonaut

Newborn Picture Idea #4

Sweet Little Toes – Switch your focus from baby’s face to her feet and your photo shoot will be an instant success! Play with different elements of contrast such as a parent’s hands, a charming crib toy, or even an older sibling’s tootsies to make a lasting impression.

Flickr: prettyasapicturephoto

Newborn Picture Idea #5

Wrapped Around My Little Finger – Opened or close-fisted, grasping or reaching out, no newborn portrait session would be complete without a few shots of those delicate little fingers! As with the toes, incorporate a variety of settings, techniques, and contrasts into the shoot to fully capture your petite hand model’s grace.

Flickr: 91821458@N00
Flickr: kudaker

Newborn Picture Idea #6

Future Star – Whether it’s visions of home runs and touch downs or twirling tutus and sparkly crowns, every parent sees their child as a future star! Capitalize on those dreams by incorporating fun props such as junior sized athletic equipment, colorful ruffles and adorable head pieces.

Flickr: emmiegrn

Newborn Picture Idea #7


Family Connection – We are fam-i-ly! For a fun twist, have each member of the growing family gently lay their hands upon the new addition in admiration and acceptance. Stripping the wee babe down to his birthday suit allows for comforting and artistic looking skin-to-skin contact.

Flickr: inserttitlehere

Newborn Picture Idea #8


Sibling Love  – It’s true what they say; your sibling is your first best friend! (Just don’t ask to share their toys. *Ahem*) Keep your camera charged and ready to go to ensure you never miss a single one of those sweet – albeit fleeting – moments.

Flickr: clementine

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