Newborn Baby Photography Prop Ideas

Now that your baby’s first portrait session is planned and ready to go, it’s time to consider incorporating a few props to bump up the cute factor. For this article, we’ve compiled an assortment of some of the most adorable newborn prop ideas for your consideration.

These photography props for newborns range in style from your basic “sweet and innocent” look, to the more dramatic “future child model” pose. We hope that they will provide a springboard, if you will, to help further and hone your own artistic vision.

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #1

Angel Wings – Everyone knows that little bundle of joy was sent straight from heaven. (Just ask Grandma!) Accentuate your little cherub’s innocence with a pair of feathery angel wings. Experiment with different wing sizes and colors, and try photographing the child sleeping, sitting up or supported by a few soft pillows to create a “sitting amongst the clouds” look.

Flickr: bigpinkcookie

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #2

Basket of Joy – There’s no sweeter way to jazz up a basket than by placing a newborn babe inside! Whether you’re going for a “Moses along the Nile” look or a more traditional flowers and ribbons ensemble, a charming basket can pull the whole look together quite nicely (and keep baby safe from rolling over, too!).

Flickr: ruby_lane_photography

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #3

Fun Little Hats – A cute hat that’s bursting with character is always a hit! Both delightful and functional, hats can be used in a variety of ways, from Halloween dress-up to a fun play on words using baby’s nickname such as, “Baby Bear” or “Momma’s Little Bug-a-boo”.

Etsy Store: PrarieGirlDesignZ
Etsy Store: ImaginationCouture

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #4

In Bloom – Sure she can be a little “stinkweed” at times, but that little rosebud is blooming right before your very eyes! Show off her budding beauty with the use of a sweet oversized floral headpiece. Throw in a grass-green rug or blanket or transplant baby into her own “pot” for a cherished, one of a kind shot that’s perfect for any garden-loving family.

Etsy Store: ImaginationCouture

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #5

Babes on the Bench – From ornate to classically constructed, a bench can provide the perfect solution to the age old prop dilemma. For babies, look for a one that provides ample support as it’s likely they will be sitting, crawling – even napping – throughout the session. Also, keep an eye out for beautiful patterns and fabrics that will enhance your photo rather than overpower it.

Etsy Store: ImaginationCouture

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #6

Baby in the Box – It might seem a little plain at first, but a sturdy box or wooden crate can make for a stunning newborn portrait. By adding some cushiony blankets and experimenting with various lighting techniques, you’re sure to capture a beautiful moment in time – in no time!

Flickr: ruby_lane_photography

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #7

Woolly Bully –Transform your baby’s “ordinary” portrait session to “caveman cute” in seconds with a furry “animal skin” blanket! Situate them in the center of the blanket and consider adding a few choice flowers or leaves to complete the “prehistoric” look.

Etsy Store: patriciamueller

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #8

Cotton Candy Clouds – If caveman chic isn’t your thing, try some fluffy cotton candy instead! A big puffy blanket in creamy white or soft pastel colors makes for an especially sweet and oh-so-dreamy shot.

Etsy Store: BabyBirdz

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #9

Adorable Costumes –It doesn’t matter if Halloween is fast approaching or has already flown by; any time is dress up time with a wee one around. When selecting a costume, look for one that provides easy access for quick diaper changes and offers plenty of room for those wiggly, stretchy poses. Also, be mindful of your studio’s temperature as babies can quickly become overheated and uncomfortable when dressed in thick layers.

Flickr: caharley

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #10

Look What the Stork Brought – Play up this old wives’ tale in a number of ways with a few choice fabrics, soft lighting techniques and a petite ‘n snuggly subject:

  • Cozy Hammock – Babies and snoozing daddies alike just love relaxing in a hammock! This idea would pair nicely with a quaint garden or tree backdrop with a few twittering birds. For a more dramatic look, set your boldly colored hammock against a velvet black background and get ready to dazzle your viewers!

    Flickr: emmasigabe
  • Baby’s First Swing – Opting for a frontal view instead of one from the side allows the child’s tender face to be the center of attention. Just be sure the child is adequately supported with an alert helper standing by to ensure baby doesn’t accidently fall forward and out of the swing.

    Flickr: bean_baker
  • Special Delivery –Suspend the baby within a gauzy tulle pouch and your birth announcements will pack an ethereal punch! Toss in a few colorful petals and your portraits will be a source of artistic envy.

    Flickr: ozyman

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #11

Buckets of Love – An oversized bucket can play host to an extraordinary portrait! Look for one that offers plenty of rustic charm and can be used in a variety of ways, from bath time to naptime to play time.

Esty Store: knitwitwoolies

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #12

Holiday Charm –Whether you’ve got a Santa Baby, a “mini” Great Pumpkin or a little Thanksgiving Day turkey, your little one’s festive headpiece will usher the holiday spirit upon the entire family in one big “Aww” filled swoop!

Flickr: caharley

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #13

Little Diva –Prop up your little runway superstar against billowing blankets and adorn her sweet head with a divalicious bow. It’s time for her close-up and you know how she hates to be kept waiting! Experiment with your child’s positioning (lying down or resting her head against her arms), for that perfect, “Talk to my agent!” look.

Flickr: ruby_lane_photography

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