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Creative Ideas for Must-Have Wedding Reception Photography

As we mentioned in our previous article, it’s important to create a Wedding Photography Shot List before even attempting to photograph the big event.

If you want to avoid having […]

9 Unique Engagement Portait Photo Ideas

If the idea of paying for a set of staid and boring engagement photos gives you a case of “cold feet”, have no fear. From location to lighting to […]

How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips

Just activate your pop up flash? Only if you want to have a subpar image that looks like you have no clue what you’re doing.

What you really need is a […]

Wedding Photography List of Shots

Avoid Disappointing the Bride and Groom With a Wedding Shot List

When photographing a wedding, you could be obtaining the most beautiful, artistic shots, but you’ll never be forgiven if […]

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    Wedding Photography Checklist: 10 Ways to Overcome the “Pre-Wedding Jitters”

Wedding Photography Checklist: 10 Ways to Overcome the “Pre-Wedding Jitters”

Sooner or later, you’re going to be asked to photograph a friend’s or family member’s wedding. After all, you have one of those professional-looking cameras, so you must know […]