Creative Ideas for Must-Have Wedding Reception Photography

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As we mentioned in our previous article, it’s important to create a Wedding Photography Shot List before even attempting to photograph the big event.

If you want to avoid having your shots look “ho hum” (and thus avoid upsetting the bride and groom!), we’ve put together a fun montage of wedding reception photo ideas to spur you on to creative victory. Feel free to add your own spin on these ideas and enlist creative input from the bride and groom as well.

Signing the Marriage License– Experiment with your distance to capture this moment from every possible angle. If you have a second shooter, take turns photographing from different sides of the bride, groom and officiate.

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9 Unique Engagement Portait Photo Ideas


If the idea of paying for a set of staid and boring engagement photos gives you a case of “cold feet”, have no fear. From location to lighting to props, today’s modern engagement photography allows for greater artistic expression, making it easy to illustrate the couple’s unique love story in a fresh, beautiful way.

Take a peek at the collection of stunning engagement portrait ideas we’ve rounded up just for you!

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #1

Sweet Serenade – Whether he’s a vocal virtuoso or an American Idol reject, no girl can resist a sweet song played just for her! Grab a guitar and look for a location that offers plenty of interesting contrast such as a colorful wall, an old building, a set of railroad tracks or the beach.

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Unique Engagement Photo Idea #2

Putting Our Heads Together – Break away from the traditional “seated side by side” portrait and opt for a slightly different approach. Experiment with pressing your foreheads together or laying down in opposite directions, allowing you to stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

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Unique Engagement Photo Idea #3

Brand New Family – If the bride or groom is a single parent, you should consider incorporating their children in the photo session. Doing so not only allows little ones to share in your excitement, but helps them understand that your love and commitment extends to them as well.

Flickr: ohsohappytogether

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #4

She Said Yes  – Looking for a fun way to surprise your friends and family? Play up that magical moment with a poster board featuring the words, “She Said Yes!” or “Save the Date”. Just be prepared for the onslaught of phone calls. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

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Unique Engagement Photo Idea #5

Text Me – “Do u want 2 grab coffee w/ me?” Did your relationship begin with a chance encounter followed by endless text or Facebook messages? Incorporate those “technological trysts” into your portrait session. Standing side by side or photographed several feet apart, a photo like this featuring your noses buried in your phones is sure to bring back fond memories during your future wedding anniversaries.

Flickr: kristaphoto

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #6

City Slickers – Take advantage of your urban surroundings and get ready for some high contrast, beautifully eye-catching shots! Whether you’re a city planner, construction worker, high rise developer or a city slicker, you should never underestimate the photographic power of scaffolding and cross-beams when paired against two smartly dressed lovebirds.

Flickr: kristaphoto

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #7

Hands & Feet – For a fun twist, take a few photos of just your hands, feet or even your torsos! Sure, you want a few shots of your happy, smiling faces but after awhile, that gets a bit boring. Spice things up with different lighting techniques, locations, props and time of day to capture that frame-worthy shot.

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Unique Engagement Photo Idea #8

Missed Encounter – Did you ever wonder where you would be today if you hadn’t met your true love? What if you hadn’t walked that way to work? What if you hadn’t stopped in that particular coffee shop? Capitalize on those “What if..?” thoughts with a fun “missed encounter” shot. Experiment with both depth of field and location. Two ideas to consider: walking along the road in opposite directions or have one person sitting on a bus bench while the other sits in their car at a stop sign.

Flickr: vivarin

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #9

Hold On  – An ornate set of door handles does double duty as a charming prop and conversation starter. Consider this look for a “Hold on tight! You’re on the ride of a lifetime!”shot, or a visual expression of the two of you opening the door to your new future.

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How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips

Night Photography

Just activate your pop up flash? Only if you want to have a subpar image that looks like you have no clue what you’re doing.

What you really need is a slow shutter speed or high ISO, a fast lens wide open, and a tripod.

Here are a few night photo situations. The night photography tips shared here can be applied to other dark times too…

Night Photo Situation #1: Outdoor Nighttime Event

This type of event would be a wedding reception, party, family event, class reunion, or whatever else you do outside at night. Continue reading “How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips”

Wedding Photography List of Shots

wedding photography list of shots

Avoid Disappointing the Bride and Groom With a Wedding Shot List

wedding photography list of shots

When photographing a wedding, you could be obtaining the most beautiful, artistic shots, but you’ll never be forgiven if you miss something the bride really wanted – even if it’s as seemingly inconsequential as a picture of her and a distant cousin. That’s why it’s important to go over a wedding shot list with the bride and groom before the big day. Continue reading “Wedding Photography List of Shots”

Wedding Photography Checklist: 10 Ways to Overcome the “Pre-Wedding Jitters”

wedding photography checklist

Sooner or later, you’re going to be asked to photograph a friend’s or family member’s wedding. After all, you have one of those professional-looking cameras, so you must know what you’re doing, right?

Photographing weddings can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first one.  Just like the bride and groom, you could be experiencing your own pre-wedding jitters.  So what helps?  Continue reading “Wedding Photography Checklist: 10 Ways to Overcome the “Pre-Wedding Jitters””