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14 Charming Toddler Portrait Ideas

Oh, the toddler years! It’s a time filled with endless discovery, curious exploration and growing independence. A toddler’s energy is a force to be reckoned with, matched only by […]

Ten Tips for Photographing Family Portraits

A typical family picture session scenario looks something like this:  Mother is frazzled from all the pushing, prodding, and preparing she had to do prior to arriving. Dad just […]

What to Wear to a Portrait Photo Shoot?

The #1 question I get asked by clients when planning a portrait session:

“Any suggestions on what I/we should wear?”

Here’s what I tell them:

As a rule (and there are always […]

Top Ten Tips for Shooting High School Senior Portraits

High School Seniors have HUGE expectations
They want to look stunning (read: like a model), they want a fresh and trendy portrait, and they want their friends to be envious […]

Photography Posing Guide: Tips for Flattering Poses

How to Pose People Attractively

The following are photography posing guidelines that may come in handy the next time you are posing people for outdoor personal or family portraits. As […]

Flattering a Subject: The Art of Directional Light

In portraiture, flattering a subject involves controlling the quantity, quality, and direction of light.  For today, let’s focus on direction. The direction of light refers to the main light’s […]

Understanding Aperture: the Key to Being Artistic

People often ask me how to get a blurry background. Something about a blurry background makes people think “professional”.

First, if you want to sound cool, call it bokeh (pronounced: […]

The Reflector: My Hero

A reflector should be the star of a reality T.V. show:  not only could it potentially be used reflect the sun onto a pile of sticks to start a […]

Let’s Gel: Flash Photography

Off-camera flash – love it. Having a flash-lit subject that’s looks unnatural and washed out – not loving it. But there is a solution! Gels. No, not hair gel. […]