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The Best Outdoor Photography Portrait Poses: 20 Ideas

Now that you understand how to shoot based on various weather conditions, it’s time to zero in on the type of poses that will be most flattering to your […]

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Flower Photography Tips and Ideas

It seems that people are innately drawn to taking photos of flowers.  I bet everyone and their mother has at least attempted to take a photo of a flower. […]

10 Must-Know Travel Photography Tips

What do you do when you’re visiting a place that everyone has already photographed? You might as well just buy a post card and save yourself the trouble, right? Wrong!

You […]

Tips for Shooting Architecture Photography

When you photograph architecture you’re telling a story. Yet, how do you capture what you feel? How do you elevate your image above a boring documentary photograph (like Uncle Ed’s […]

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10 Landscape Digital Photography Tips

You’re driving down the road when suddenly a breathtaking scene is upon you. You hurriedly pull over feeling it’s your lucky day since your camera happens to be in […]

Understanding Aperture: the Key to Being Artistic

People often ask me how to get a blurry background. Something about a blurry background makes people think “professional”.

First, if you want to sound cool, call it bokeh (pronounced: […]