The Best Outdoor Photography Portrait Poses: 20 Ideas


Now that you understand how to shoot based on various weather conditions, it’s time to zero in on the type of poses that will be most flattering to your subjects.

Outdoor portraits tend to take on a very relaxed, easy-going tone even if you’re the one directing the shot. Shooting among the great outdoors is also beneficial when it comes to children. Let’s face it – some kids can be the cutest, most outgoing thing on two legs – until they get into a photography studio! Suddenly it’s wooden smiles, stiff posture, and obvious disinterest.

To make the most of your next outdoor shutterfest, check out these outdoor photography portrait posing ideas for a fresh perspective…

Outdoor Photography Portrait Pose Idea #1

Off Center – Keeping the lush surroundings in focus is always a good idea, especially when in a gorgeous natural setting like near a river, lake or atop a mountain.

Flickr: ellegphotography

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10 Must-Know Travel Photography Tips

What do you do when you’re visiting a place that everyone has already photographed? You might as well just buy a post card and save yourself the trouble, right? Wrong!

You want to show people pictures that give your perspective of the trip. You want them to feel like they were there with you. You want them to feel like they have to visit that very place tomorrow.

Most these tips will help you get amazing – and even one-of-a-kind – photographs of the places you travel.  Some will also just aid your sanity! Continue reading “10 Must-Know Travel Photography Tips”

10 Landscape Digital Photography Tips

You’re driving down the road when suddenly a breathtaking scene is upon you. You hurriedly pull over feeling it’s your lucky day since your camera happens to be in the back seat. You excitedly photograph the scene thinking how great it will be to capture this beauty to share with others. Then you push play to look at your image. You feel let down. Why doesn’t the image on your screen compare to real life?

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Understanding Aperture: the Key to Being Artistic

f/5.6 Aperture Example
f/5.6 Aperture Example
f/5.6 Aperture Example / Photo by Rachael Olson

People often ask me how to get a blurry background. Something about a blurry background makes people think “professional”.

First, if you want to sound cool, call it bokeh (pronounced: boke-uh), which means “haze” or “blur” in Japanese.

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