Shooting Sports Photography: Tips on How to Stop Action


Professional sports photographers spend big bucks to get the equipment necessary for amazing shots. But you can still move to a whole new world of sports photography just by employing the following advice:

Use a fast shutter speed.


Speedy fast. I assume if you’re shooting sports you want to catch action. If you can, use a shutter speed of at least 1/500 sec. You’ll get better results if you shoot at 1/1000. If you want some blur to show motion, slow the shutter speed down. Just make sure it looks intentional and not like you just don’t know what you’re doing. Continue reading “Shooting Sports Photography: Tips on How to Stop Action”

How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips

Night Photography

Just activate your pop up flash? Only if you want to have a subpar image that looks like you have no clue what you’re doing.

What you really need is a slow shutter speed or high ISO, a fast lens wide open, and a tripod.

Here are a few night photo situations. The night photography tips shared here can be applied to other dark times too…

Night Photo Situation #1: Outdoor Nighttime Event

This type of event would be a wedding reception, party, family event, class reunion, or whatever else you do outside at night. Continue reading “How to Take Amazing Night Photos: 4 Night Photography Tips”

Photography Release Form: Do I need one?

Model Release: Minor

Save yourself time, money, and your good name by knowing if you need a model release or not. A model release is a document that the person, or people, you photograph sign releasing their pictures, giving you permission to legally use their likeness.

Model Release
If he or she is in a public place, then you can take his or her picture.

I’ll boil it down first: no one ever got hurt by having a model release (okay, here I’m just assuming…). Better safe than sorry.

But in actuality, in most cases you probably don’t need one.

Follow Privacy Laws

If you sneak up and take a photograph of someone through her kitchen window, you invaded her privacy. If she is in a public place, then you can take her picture.

How Will You Use the Image?

#1 Reason You Need a Model Release: Advertising Continue reading “Photography Release Form: Do I need one?”

5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

photo editing tips

So you’ve been practicing and practicing. Your images are properly exposed. You’ve followed all the “rules”. Now why don’t they look as good as the pros?

5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and TricksAn important thing to know is that all digital images are meant to be post-processed (basically, edited on the computer). Point-and-shoot cameras do some processing in-camera for you automatically. If you’ve sprung for the nice camera, you’ve got to be ready to spring for editing software too (although you can set up your SLR to do some in-camera processing – check your user’s guide).

My photo-editing program of choice is Adobe Photoshop. If you use a different program, hopefully you can figure out what in your program achieves these same things.

These 5 tips are specific to Adobe Photoshop CS4: Continue reading “5 Professional Photo Editing Tips and Tricks”

Ten Tips for Photographing Family Portraits

A typical family picture session scenario looks something like this:  Mother is frazzled from all the pushing, prodding, and preparing she had to do prior to arriving. Dad just wants to get it over with, but acts mildly supportive to avoid the wrath of Mom.  Kids have been threatened with the loss of TV, Wii, or social life. Teenagers act as if they’ve been led to the slaughter.

Children have your attention for about 3 minutes — even with the bribes the parents gave them.

There are always exceptions, but I really find this to be typical. So is Mom’s dream of a priceless family portrait doomed? Is it even worth your time? Continue reading “Ten Tips for Photographing Family Portraits”