18 Pet Portrait Ideas

Pet Portrait Idea-Backyard BBQ-nick_lee

Whether it’s a dog, a cat or even something more exotic like say – a turtle or a guinea pig, the family pet is a cherished and often doted-upon member of the family. This is why, if you’re not already in the habit of photographing pets, you might want to give it a try. Pet portraiture has become extremely popular over the past few years, providing both the amateur and professional photographer a new outlet for their creativity and a strong conduit for reaching new clients.

We’ve rounded up some of the most adorable pet portrait ideas, complete with props. See how many of these suggestions you can incorporate into your next “fur baby” portrait special!

Pet Portrait Idea #1

Mirror, Mirror – A mirror or sunny window makes a great prop for the curious kitty or pup! Watch as the animal encounters the “stranger” and get ready to take that prize winning comical shot! Just be sure you’re positioned off to the side so as to not interrupt the shot with your own flash.

Pet Portrait Ideas-Mirror Mirror-nick_lee
Flickr: nick_lee


Pet Portrait Idea #2-3

Outdoor Chic – Bundle up that little fur ball and get ready to brave the great outdoors! To ensure optimal attention and safety, look for a location that is as free from other distractions as possible (read: other dogs, kids on bikes, cars, etc). Also, ask the owner to either stand nearby (just outside the frame) or directly behind you so the dog looks “up” toward the camera.

Pet Portrait Ideas-all dressed up-ellegphotography
Flickr: ellegphotography
Pet Portrait Ideas-Great Outdoors-plasticwool
Flickr: plasticwool


Pet Portrait Idea #4

Backyard BBQ – Nothing brings out the “canine” like a juicy burger or charbroiled steak! If the subject’s family is into camping, cookouts or tail-gate parties, a portrait featuring a cooler, picnic blanket, plastic food (ahem), and their beloved companion is a sure-fire hit.

Pet Portrait Ideas-Backyard BBQ-nick_lee
Flickr: nick_lee


Pet Portrait Idea #5-6

Shh! Baby’s Sleeping – If you’ve got a tired pooch or kitty on your hands, don’t fight against their internal snooze button. Instead, opt for a charming sleepy pose! You could wrap the little one up in a blanket or simply capture their afternoon siesta right where they landed.

Pet Portrait Ideas-Shh Baby Sleeping-wishymom
Flickr: wishymom
Pet Portrait Ideas-Nap Time-phlora
Flickr: phlora


Pet Portrait Idea #7-8

Play Time – Whether they’re chasing a ball, playing tug-o-war with a sock or batting a ball of yarn, dogs and cats of all ages love to play! These silly moments produce plenty of laughs on their own, so go for the candid and try not to “create” the scene too much. In fact, a playful scene like this would be great ice breaker as it eliminates the animal’s anxiety and helps them feel more relaxed.

Pet Portrait Ideas-Kitty Play-picturepurrfect685
Flickr: picturepurrfect685
Pet Portrait Ideas-That's My Ball-51710725@N08
Flickr: 51710725@N08


Pet Portrait Idea #9

Santa Baby – “Dear Santa, I’ve been very good this year. Love, Fluffy” A portrait featuring the little critter decked out for the holidays not only makes a great gift idea but a fun holiday greeting card image as well. Just add a few glittering packages, a decorated tree and you’re in business! If your subject is a puppy or kitten, consider tucking them inside a stocking for a sweet-as-candy pose.


Pet Portrait Idea #10-12

Hugs & Kisses – Nothing could be more endearing than a portrait featuring the pet – and “his” child-master! But beware: certain factors, like maintaining both subjects’ attention and ensuring the child isn’t “squeezing” or holding on to their pet too hard, can suck the life out of a staged pet/child photo rather quickly. Instead, go for the candid to capture that, “You’re my best friend forever” moment.

Pet Portrait Ideas-Hugs and Kisses-bdwaydiva1
Flickr: bdwaydiva1
Pet Portrait Ideas-Best Friends-the_napkin
Flickr: the_napkin
Pet Portrait Ideas-Puppy Love-28045310@N08
Flickr: 28045310@N08


Pet Portrait Idea #13-15

Am I Cute or What? – A close-up of their favorite companion is guaranteed to make any owner smile! Get to know the animal a bit first, so you can capture their unique personality in the shot. Portraits like these are great for framing and never go out of style.

Pet Portrait Ideas-Am I Cute or What-mims_art_of_life
Flickr: mims_art_of_life
Pet Portrait Ideas-Sweet Kitty-gideonvanderstelt
Flickr: gideonvanderstelt
Pet Portrait Ideas-happy_smile-kakissel
Flickr: kakissel


Pet Portrait Idea #16-18

Young ‘n Innocent – It’s hard to resist a sweet pair of kitten or puppy dog eyes staring back at you! Capturing those adorable first few weeks on camera is sure fire way to elicit plenty of “Awwww!’s” from your clients, both now and well into the future.

pet portrait ideas-angel eyes-brambleberries_photography
Flickr: brambleberries_photography
pet portrait ideas-baby face-vonschnauzer
Flickr: vonschnauzer
pet portrait ideas-wink-meaganjean
Flickr: meaganjean

13 Maternity Portrait Posing Ideas

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity meadow_coreyann

A lovely set of maternity portraits not only captures the miracle of life growing within, but also allows the woman’s blossoming beauty to shine through. (Beauty in which the “mommy-to-be” might have a hard time seeing amidst the daily throes of pregnancy itself!) Therefore, it should be considered an honor to be asked to photograph a woman during this most special time in her life. Your skills, coupled with a few trusted techniques and posing ideas shown here, are sure to create a one-of-a-kind portrait session that will be cherished long after the little one is born.

Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Ideas #1-3

Back to Nature – Incorporating nature into your shot is always a winning idea. Be sure to look for a location which provides plenty of character, such as a wooden glen on a fall day, a sandy beach, or a flowery meadow.

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity tree_rsmith4321
Flickr: rsmith4321
classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity meadow_coreyann
Flickr: coreyann
classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity natural mom_happylizzz
Flickr: happylizzz

Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Ideas #4-6

Silhouette & Light – There’s nothing quite like a shot of a new mom in silhouette – either by herself or with the proud daddy! The look is not only soft, but provides a glimpse into the sacred bond between mother and child. Experiment with time of day and location, and be mindful of your position. If you’re seated too low or too close, mom will come out looking a lot larger than she would like!

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity shadow_kristaphoto
Flickr: kristaphoto
classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity beach shadow_gmunroe
Flickr: gmunroe
classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity shadow couple_jcaputo4
Flickr: jcaputo4

Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Ideas #7-8

Hands & Hearts – A classic photo of loving hands cradling the “baby bump” is both charming and endearing. Incorporating big brother or sister into the photo allows siblings to feel special and connected to this magical event.

classy maternity portrait posing idea_maternity couple hands_kristaphoto
Flickr: kristaphoto
classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity hands family_kiermacz
Flickr: kiermacz

Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Idea #9

Daddy Snuggle – Give the daddy-to-be a moment “alone” with his little one! A portrait highlighting daddy’s love – whether through a kiss or a cuddle on the belly, or perhaps reading a bedtime story to the little bundle – provides a feeling of protection and tender strength. (This idea is especially great around Father’s Day!)

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity daddy snuggle_kristaphoto
Flickr: kristaphoto


Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Idea #10

Side of the Frame Embrace – Keeping your subjects positioned off to the side of the frame is a great way to take advantage of your natural surroundings and keep things aesthetically intriguing for your viewer.

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity embrace off to side_kristaphoto
Flickr: kristaphoto


Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Idea #11-12

Name that Belly – Using a set of alphabet blocks to spell out the baby’s name or initials provides a fun twist to your portrait session! Consider using the blocks exclusively on mom’s tummy or have both mom and dad hold a few blocks to spell out the baby’s name (or just his/her initials). Either way, this personalized look is sure to secure a prominent place on the child’s nursery wall!

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity blocks_blogjunkie
Flickr: blogjunkie
classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity block single_djonesphoto
Flickr: djonesphoto


Classy Maternity Portrait Posing Idea #13

Maternal Profile – Few things in life are more beautiful than a pregnant woman in profile. Just remember – location, as well as position, for a shot like this is critical. Therefore, look for a space that has minimal distractions such as the beach, a beautiful tree, the family’s back yard – you get the idea. And as for position, having the mother stand with her belly angled a few degrees toward you is often more flattering than a full profile shot. However, it doesn’t hurts to shoot from both angles, just in case.

classy maternity portrait posing idea-maternity profile_caharley72
Flickr: caharley72



10 Traditional Engagement Photo Ideas


As we’ve previously discussed, today’s modern engagement photos can take on a variety of shapes, styles and themes. But as great as these shots are, the thought of doing something “out of the ordinary” may leave the more traditional bride and groom feeling distinctly uncomfortable and unwilling to proceed with the session. (Yikes!)

Thankfully there are a number of classic poses that will allow the couple to express their love with all the elegance and sophistication they crave. Once you show them a few examples like the ones below, they’ll be breathing a happy sigh of relief – and so will you!

Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #1

The Happy Couple – A close up of the doting pair smiling and sitting side by side (or sitting on the other’s lap), is always a hit! This pose works especially well for newspaper announcements, as well as on display near the couple’s guest book.

Flickr: jtography


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #2-4

Protective and Loving – Whether he’s got his arms wrapped around his beloved or vice versa, this pose can be played up or down to fit a variety of moods. Just be sure to take their personalities into consideration as you explore the different facets of this pose. (Example: Some may prefer to look up at each other as opposed to directly into the camera.)

Flickr: rsmith4321
Flickr: leegonzalez
Flickr: ritaquinn


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #5

Beautiful from the Back – Photographing the couple from behind evokes a sweet sense of privacy – as if the couple is lost in their own little world and you just happened to stumble on in. You can turn the “sweet factor” up a notch by having the bride rest her head on her groom’s shoulder, or have them wrap one arm around each other’s waists.

Flickr: kristaphoto


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #6-7

Sweet Silhouettes – A portrait of a loving couple in silhouette is always breathtaking! Some of the most cherished poses include: holding hands, kissing, or a tender embrace.

Flickr: kristaphoto
Flickr: vincentkashatphotography


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #8

You May Now Kiss Your Bride (To Be) – Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. And what could be more fun than practicing for their first kiss as husband and wife? (Ooh la la!) From a sweet peck on the cheek to a gentle lip-lock under the stars, there’s nothing like a little pucker power to spice things up.

Flickr: 47166549@N00


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #9

Piggy Back – Although not entirely traditional, this fun twist on the classic “side-by-side” pose adds a charming splash of whimsy to your growing engagement portfolio.

Flickr: kimncris


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #10

Romantic Dip – Because every girl loves being swept off her feet, the romantic dip is by far one of the most re-created poses of all time! Of course, if a full exuberant dip isn’t their thing, leaning back half-way is also acceptable and still quite fun. However, if the subjects are feeling especially frisky, consider having them dip each other!

Flickr: jtography



9 Unique Engagement Portait Photo Ideas


If the idea of paying for a set of staid and boring engagement photos gives you a case of “cold feet”, have no fear. From location to lighting to props, today’s modern engagement photography allows for greater artistic expression, making it easy to illustrate the couple’s unique love story in a fresh, beautiful way.

Take a peek at the collection of stunning engagement portrait ideas we’ve rounded up just for you!

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #1

Sweet Serenade – Whether he’s a vocal virtuoso or an American Idol reject, no girl can resist a sweet song played just for her! Grab a guitar and look for a location that offers plenty of interesting contrast such as a colorful wall, an old building, a set of railroad tracks or the beach.

Flickr: jtography

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #2

Putting Our Heads Together – Break away from the traditional “seated side by side” portrait and opt for a slightly different approach. Experiment with pressing your foreheads together or laying down in opposite directions, allowing you to stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

Flickr: ohsohappytogether

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #3

Brand New Family – If the bride or groom is a single parent, you should consider incorporating their children in the photo session. Doing so not only allows little ones to share in your excitement, but helps them understand that your love and commitment extends to them as well.

Flickr: ohsohappytogether

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #4

She Said Yes  – Looking for a fun way to surprise your friends and family? Play up that magical moment with a poster board featuring the words, “She Said Yes!” or “Save the Date”. Just be prepared for the onslaught of phone calls. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Flickr: jtography

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #5

Text Me – “Do u want 2 grab coffee w/ me?” Did your relationship begin with a chance encounter followed by endless text or Facebook messages? Incorporate those “technological trysts” into your portrait session. Standing side by side or photographed several feet apart, a photo like this featuring your noses buried in your phones is sure to bring back fond memories during your future wedding anniversaries.

Flickr: kristaphoto

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #6

City Slickers – Take advantage of your urban surroundings and get ready for some high contrast, beautifully eye-catching shots! Whether you’re a city planner, construction worker, high rise developer or a city slicker, you should never underestimate the photographic power of scaffolding and cross-beams when paired against two smartly dressed lovebirds.

Flickr: kristaphoto

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #7

Hands & Feet – For a fun twist, take a few photos of just your hands, feet or even your torsos! Sure, you want a few shots of your happy, smiling faces but after awhile, that gets a bit boring. Spice things up with different lighting techniques, locations, props and time of day to capture that frame-worthy shot.

Flickr: jtography
Flickr: jcaputo4
Flickr: renawgraphy
Flickr: allegrophotography
Flickr: djonesphoto

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #8

Missed Encounter – Did you ever wonder where you would be today if you hadn’t met your true love? What if you hadn’t walked that way to work? What if you hadn’t stopped in that particular coffee shop? Capitalize on those “What if..?” thoughts with a fun “missed encounter” shot. Experiment with both depth of field and location. Two ideas to consider: walking along the road in opposite directions or have one person sitting on a bus bench while the other sits in their car at a stop sign.

Flickr: vivarin

Unique Engagement Photo Idea #9

Hold On  – An ornate set of door handles does double duty as a charming prop and conversation starter. Consider this look for a “Hold on tight! You’re on the ride of a lifetime!”shot, or a visual expression of the two of you opening the door to your new future.

Flickr: amanky

6 Food Photography Tips

Whether professional chef or amateur “Cake Boss”, all cooks of varying “degrees” enjoy sharing photos of their prize winning dishes with others. While these dishes may be downright mouthwatering our shots oftentimes come out looking anything but appetizing. Here are six tips to turn your next culinary photo spread into a delicious work of art!

Food Photography Tip #1

Use Natural Lighting – Shooting under natural lighting conditions makes for a superior and less frustrating experience. Experiment with different times of the day, distance from the window, curtains for light diffusing effects, etc. Last but not least, avoid using flash. Flash has a bad habit of turning “succulent” into “slimy” in a nanosecond.

Flickr: windysydney

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Newborn Baby Photography Prop Ideas

Now that your baby’s first portrait session is planned and ready to go, it’s time to consider incorporating a few props to bump up the cute factor. For this article, we’ve compiled an assortment of some of the most adorable newborn prop ideas for your consideration.

These photography props for newborns range in style from your basic “sweet and innocent” look, to the more dramatic “future child model” pose. We hope that they will provide a springboard, if you will, to help further and hone your own artistic vision.

Newborn Baby Photography Prop Idea #1

Angel Wings – Everyone knows that little bundle of joy was sent straight from heaven. (Just ask Grandma!) Accentuate your little cherub’s innocence with a pair of feathery angel wings. Experiment with different wing sizes and colors, and try photographing the child sleeping, sitting up or supported by a few soft pillows to create a “sitting amongst the clouds” look.

Flickr: bigpinkcookie

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10 Children’s Photography Props

Photographing your child is one of parenthood’s most treasured “perks”, and finding just the right children’s photography prop to showcase your son’s or daughter’s unique brand of cuteness will greatly enhance these moments. Here is a list of fun and slightly whimsical children’s photography props to help get your creative juices flowing…

Children’s Photography Prop #1:

Bubbles – The “blow-your-own” and plastic unpoppable varieties provide a stamp of playfulness to any photo session. For a bath time portrait, consider adding a rubber ducky or a hooded towel to complete the scrub-a-dub-dub look.  For tweens, consider using a bubble machine to create a funky atmosphere.

flickr: cali2okie

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9 Photography Prop Ideas to Create Unique Portraits

Whether your photographing children, your pet or your best friend’s engagement, the creative use of props can take your photos from “nice” to “incredible” in a matter of minutes. Just remember – the idea behind using photography props is to enhance your photos, not detract or overpower them.  Many household items, as well as those already cherished by your subject can be used in a variety of ways.

Here is a list of photography prop ideas to consider using during your next portrait session…

Photography Prop Idea #1

A Bench – A bench can be dressed up or down to fit a variety of portrait themes. Look for one with a bit of character as it will help spark more artistic possibilities. Experiment with your subject’s placement too – whether sitting on, standing behind or lying underneath the bench itself.

flickr: seanmolin

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7 Random (Yet Helpful) Tips Even for Pro Photographers

No matter how experienced a photographer you are, you probably still have “aha!” or “now why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Here are some tips that gave me those types of moments.

Tip #1: Take a Photo

You’ve got your camera bag all packed up ready to leave for a shoot. Stop. Take out your camera and take a picture. Now you’ll know whether you’re missing a memory card or forgot to take the battery off the charger. Come on, say I’m not the only one who has ever arrived somewhere without a memory card? Battery? (I sure hope I’m not the only one losing my brain!)

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