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Beginning Tips

ISO: Collecting Light

To put it simply, the ISO you set on your camera affects the sensor’s sensitivity to light. ISO really relates to film, and on our digital cameras we technically […]

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Shutter Speed: Take Control

Fast Shutter Speed
Let’s say you’re taking pictures at your friend’s second cousin’s kid’s best friend’s baseball game (when people see you have a nice camera, things like that happen).  […]

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Understanding Aperture: the Key to Being Artistic

People often ask me how to get a blurry background. Something about a blurry background makes people think “professional”.

First, if you want to sound cool, call it bokeh (pronounced: […]

The Reflector: My Hero

A reflector should be the star of a reality T.V. show:  not only could it potentially be used reflect the sun onto a pile of sticks to start a […]

Let’s Gel: Flash Photography

Off-camera flash – love it. Having a flash-lit subject that’s looks unnatural and washed out – not loving it. But there is a solution! Gels. No, not hair gel. […]

5 Ways to Get Tack Sharp Photos

The biggest way to tell the difference between a beginner and a pro is if the photo is “tack sharp” (the utmost level of sharpness). It’s not just one […]

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