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Beginning Tips

To Create or To Capture?

Which type of portrait photographer are you? Do you create portraits or capture them?

Why does it matter which you are? So you can feel cool.

Really, you need to feel […]

Photo Noise Reduction: Stop the Noise

(“Slight” noise in this photo, particularly in the shadows)

Stop the Noise

I’m not talking about the noisy neighbors blaring music at 2 a.m. Although noise in digital images can be […]

Manual Mode: Making YOU the Photographer

You spent the big bucks and set aside your point-and-shoot (a.k.a. do-all-the-thinking-for-you camera) for a fancy camera. You can put it in automatic – the green box – but […]

  • White Balance Cards
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    The Path to Perfection Starts With White Balance Cards (a.k.a. Gray Cards)

The Path to Perfection Starts With White Balance Cards (a.k.a. Gray Cards)

A white balance card or gray card is the color of middle gray or 18% gray (click here for the technical jargon).
Why You Need a Gray Card
A gray card […]

12 Elements of Composition in Photography, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of 2 of our Photography Composition post. If you missed Part 1, check out 12 Elements of Composition in Photography, Part 1.

With so many images […]

12 Elements of Composition in Photography, Part 1

With so many images all around, what will make someone stop and look at yours?

Grasping elements of composition that naturally draw eyes to an image or part of an […]

How to Use a Light Meter in 7 Easy Steps

If you don’t want to worry about inconsistencies in exposure using an in-camera light meter, especially when using studio lighting, then learn how to use a light meter.

When I […]

Low Light Digital Photography for Control Freaks

Beginner Photo Tip: Shooting in Tricky Low-Light Situations
Sometimes we do not get perfect lighting situations. Okay, so lots of the time we don’t get perfect lighting situations. That’s where […]

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Flattering a Subject: The Art of Directional Light

In portraiture, flattering a subject involves controlling the quantity, quality, and direction of light.  For today, let’s focus on direction. The direction of light refers to the main light’s […]

Metering: Which Setting Should I Use and When?

We all know the rule of thumb to shoot an outdoor portrait in the shade —  to avoid harsh lighting and shadows. But a common problem occurs if you […]