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Beginning Tips

5 Easy Tips That Will Help You Turn Pro

The first rule of being successful at anything, whether it’s photography, bull riding or playing the stocks, is to never stop honing your skill. Those that are the most […]

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You, Your Subject and Window Light – Top 3 FAQ’s

You really can’t get more perfect lighting then from natural window light. The reason being, that the window diffuses the bright light coming through it, especially at the edge […]

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Choosing the Right Tripod

Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy

Tripods run the gamut as far as features, size and pricing are concerned. Many times, our brains will automatically think, “The more […]

8 Adorable Newborn Picture Ideas

From their sweet smelling heads to their ten tiny toes, nothing brings a family closer together than the birth of a new baby.  From the moment they’re born, we’re […]

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Children’s Portrait Photography: 10 Tried ‘n True Ideas

Looking to expand your artistic portfolio? Consider these tried ‘n true techniques for creating one-of-a-kind children’s portraits. Just remember – photographing children can be tricky and requires flexibility, a […]

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12 Creative Portrait Ideas

Chances are when someone hears the word “portrait” they think of something like this: “Plain, monochromatic background. Focus on the face. Everyone look at the camera now and say, […]

6 Random (Yet Helpful) Beginning Photography Tips

There are some things that just don’t fit neatly inside a box. (You may even be one of theses things).

Well, there are some tips that just don’t fit neatly […]

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10 Must-Know Travel Photography Tips

What do you do when you’re visiting a place that everyone has already photographed? You might as well just buy a post card and save yourself the trouble, right? Wrong!

You […]

Tips for Shooting Architecture Photography

When you photograph architecture you’re telling a story. Yet, how do you capture what you feel? How do you elevate your image above a boring documentary photograph (like Uncle Ed’s […]

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10 Landscape Digital Photography Tips

You’re driving down the road when suddenly a breathtaking scene is upon you. You hurriedly pull over feeling it’s your lucky day since your camera happens to be in […]