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The Perfect Panorama

So we know that the iPhone can take panoramic shots now. Yep, it’s super easy, you just make that tiny little arrow (oops! you are moving too high!) stay […]

5 Easy Tips That Will Help You Turn Pro

The first rule of being successful at anything, whether it’s photography, bull riding or playing the stocks, is to never stop honing your skill. Those that are the most […]

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The Biggest Wedding Shot Challenges and How to Own Them

It doesn’t matter if you are a friend of the bride or groom and you’ve given them a sweet deal on the cost of their wedding photos. It doesn’t […]

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    Home Studios, They’re Easier Than You Think…and cheaper too!

Home Studios, They’re Easier Than You Think…and cheaper too!

What comes to mind when you think about professional studios? Indoor photo shoots? I’m guessing you are imagining some flashy car or a gorgeous model, set in front of […]

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You, Your Subject and Window Light – Top 3 FAQ’s

You really can’t get more perfect lighting then from natural window light. The reason being, that the window diffuses the bright light coming through it, especially at the edge […]

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    After You’ve Captured the Moment: The Magic of Photo Processing

After You’ve Captured the Moment: The Magic of Photo Processing

Ok, so you’ve done all you can do on the front end. You were incredibly creative and used an old fence post as a tripod when capturing the wild […]

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8 Tips for Super Sharp Photos

Let’s be honest here, if you wanna be a pro but your images aren’t sharp, you aren’t going to get very far. Sharp shots allow your viewer to feel […]

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Incredible Hand-Held Shots Without the Camera Shake

A tripod can be a photographer’s best friend when it comes to tack sharp, steady shots. However, what if that funky, artistic, avant guard image you are about to […]

Choosing the Right Tripod

Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy

Tripods run the gamut as far as features, size and pricing are concerned. Many times, our brains will automatically think, “The more […]

Lightning and Fog – Two Elusive Muses, Captured

When it comes to artistic muses, lightning – with its white hot bursts of power and fog, with its soft, almost ethereal quality, are often found at the top […]

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