10 Traditional Engagement Photo Ideas

As we’ve previously discussed, today’s modern engagement photos can take on a variety of shapes, styles and themes. But as great as these shots are, the thought of doing something “out of the ordinary” may leave the more traditional bride and groom feeling distinctly uncomfortable and unwilling to proceed with the session. (Yikes!)

Thankfully there are a number of classic poses that will allow the couple to express their love with all the elegance and sophistication they crave. Once you show them a few examples like the ones below, they’ll be breathing a happy sigh of relief – and so will you!

Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #1

The Happy Couple – A close up of the doting pair smiling and sitting side by side (or sitting on the other’s lap), is always a hit! This pose works especially well for newspaper announcements, as well as on display near the couple’s guest book.

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Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #2-4

Protective and Loving – Whether he’s got his arms wrapped around his beloved or vice versa, this pose can be played up or down to fit a variety of moods. Just be sure to take their personalities into consideration as you explore the different facets of this pose. (Example: Some may prefer to look up at each other as opposed to directly into the camera.)

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Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #5

Beautiful from the Back – Photographing the couple from behind evokes a sweet sense of privacy – as if the couple is lost in their own little world and you just happened to stumble on in. You can turn the “sweet factor” up a notch by having the bride rest her head on her groom’s shoulder, or have them wrap one arm around each other’s waists.

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Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #6-7

Sweet Silhouettes – A portrait of a loving couple in silhouette is always breathtaking! Some of the most cherished poses include: holding hands, kissing, or a tender embrace.

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Flickr: vincentkashatphotography


Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #8

You May Now Kiss Your Bride (To Be) – Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. And what could be more fun than practicing for their first kiss as husband and wife? (Ooh la la!) From a sweet peck on the cheek to a gentle lip-lock under the stars, there’s nothing like a little pucker power to spice things up.

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Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #9

Piggy Back – Although not entirely traditional, this fun twist on the classic “side-by-side” pose adds a charming splash of whimsy to your growing engagement portfolio.

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Traditional Engagement Photo Idea #10

Romantic Dip – Because every girl loves being swept off her feet, the romantic dip is by far one of the most re-created poses of all time! Of course, if a full exuberant dip isn’t their thing, leaning back half-way is also acceptable and still quite fun. However, if the subjects are feeling especially frisky, consider having them dip each other!

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