10 Children’s Photography Props

Photographing your child is one of parenthood’s most treasured “perks”, and finding just the right children’s photography prop to showcase your son’s or daughter’s unique brand of cuteness will greatly enhance these moments. Here is a list of fun and slightly whimsical children’s photography props to help get your creative juices flowing…

Children’s Photography Prop #1:

Bubbles – The “blow-your-own” and plastic unpoppable varieties provide a stamp of playfulness to any photo session. For a bath time portrait, consider adding a rubber ducky or a hooded towel to complete the scrub-a-dub-dub look.  For tweens, consider using a bubble machine to create a funky atmosphere.

flickr: cali2okie

Children’s Photography Prop #2:

Block Letters – Colorful block letters featuring your child’s name give your portrait a smart, customized appearance. Also, try experimenting with oversized blocks to give viewers a sense of your child’s petite size.

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Children’s Photography Prop #3:

Bean Bags – A bean bag provides a great supportive cushion to the littlest subjects, while an oversized bean bag chair is especially fun for kids and teens of all ages.

Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Gracie2009

Children’s Photography Prop #4:

Pets- A child’s cherished pet always provides a sweet touch! Just be sure to have someone standing behind you as you photograph to ensure both animal and children are looking in the same direction.

flickr: paulm


Children’s Photography Prop #5:

Costumes- Who says you can’t dress up long before (or after) Halloween? An adorable costume allows your littlest subject’s sparkling personality shine through.

flickr: fraz5356

Children’s Photography Prop #6:

Their Favorite Things – Allow your child to bring his or her favorite book, blanket or toy along to their photo shoot and see where their imagination takes them! This idea is especially helpful in the case of the extremely shy or nervous child. Consider taking a few photos of just the toy or blanket to help the child warm up to you and the camera.

flickr: kris_mouser-brown


Children’s Photography Prop #7:

Riding Toys – Vroom, vroom! Show off your mini road warrior’s mad skills with a fun photo featuring their “hot” wheels. Consider adding a few road cones and an oversized helmet to really put the pedal to the metal.

flickr: americanvirus

Children’s Photography Prop #8:

Sunglasses – Their future’s so bright, they gotta wear shades! Whether it’s a day at the beach or an attempt to escape those pesky paparazzi, a cool pair of sunglasses adds a spunky touch.

flickr: geishaboy500

Children’s Photography Prop #9:

Dress Up – Super chic and oh-so-fabulous, inexpensive dress up items such as makeup, beads, tutus and high heels make for a “catwalk worthy” ensemble. This look is extremely popular with girls of all ages and can be used to create everything from pageant-queen headshots to a fashion model party with all her friends.

flickr: steelmore

Children’s Photography Prop #10:

Musical Instruments – Shine a spotlight on your budding musician’s talent with an elegant portrait that’s just perfect for their Carnegie Hall debut. Paying close attention to the expression on their face while they play – not just a full body shot – helps capture both the melody and the mood.

flickr: 59221242@N05

Which of these prop have you used before? Which ones are you eager to try? Remember – when it comes to using children’s photography props, allow yourself the freedom to explore and think outside the box. Both you and your children will enjoy the process a whole lot more.  Check out more 9 more photography prop ideas or these children’s portrait photography ideas.

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